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2Gamma srl - film tecnici su misura 2gamma srl


Technical film control laboratory

We are certified by an Integrated Quality Management System (QMS) which ensures compliance with the defined standards, effectiveness and efficiency in product realization and service delivery.

2Gamma srl - film tecnici su misura

For 2Gamma, the setting up of a professional workshop was an important step to guarantee the excellent quality standards that distinguish the oxygen barrier film. Every production lot is subjected to physical tests of mechanical resistance, to accelerated aging tests that simulates sun exposure for up to a year over the trench, the compliance of the raw materials is also checked.

All for one purpose: to be able to produce the best oxygen barrier films can ensure maximum protection of your silage.

2Gamma srl - film tecnici su misura

Micrometer and thickness measurement

A good analysis of a product always starts from the verification of the uniformity of thickness of the product itself. Different thicknesses of the product are synonymous with different mechanical and physical behavior and consequently with different performances of the film. Not always positive.

In our laboratory the uniformity of the thickness of product strips is measured over the entire width of the batch under examination. In the video below an example of this type of analysis.

2Gamma srl - film tecnici su misura

DDynamometer and measurement of breaking load and elongation

Until the plastic film is able to stretch without breaking, and what is the breaking load, ie up to what point it can withstand the traction intended as the possibility of being trampled on and of being able to withstand the most important atmospheric events.

This test is carried out in MD (machine direction) and TD (transversal direction) in order to faithfully replicate the possible application of the loads.

2Gamma srl - film tecnici su misura

Microscope analysis

The microscope is a tool well known to most. In our laboratory it is used to examine the cross section of the film being evaluated.

In this way it is possible to determine the uniformity of thickness of the various layers that make up the film and in particular, of the oxygen barrier EVOH and the adhesives necessary to make it adhere to the upper and lower layers.

2Gamma srl - film tecnici su misura

Elmendorf's pendulum

This is another very sophisticated device capable of measuring the force necessary to tear the film.

Also in this case, as for the dynamometer, a portion of the product being analyzed is taken, following the machine direction (MD) and the transversal direction (TD).

2Gamma srl - film tecnici su misura

Mocon Oxygen Transmission Rate Measurement

This is a fundamental analysis for our film.

This device is able to measure the amount of oxygen permeated through the film over a period of 24 hr. It is therefore a direct measurement of the effectiveness of a film's oxygen barrier.

The data measured by the MOCON is expressed in CC of O2 / m2permeato in 24hr.

2Gamma srl - film tecnici su misura


This device is essential for monitoring and determining the quality of the individual components of the extrusion mixture.

The operating principle of this device is based on the different melting point of a specific compound or component. In this way, the exact determination and identification of the components of the extrusion mixture and its consequent certification are reached.

2Gamma srl - film tecnici su misura

Aging accelerator

Together with the MOCON, the aging accelerator is a very important tool of our laboratory. This machine is able to reproduce the different climatic conditions by subjecting the sample under examination to repeated and alternate cycles of exposure to rain, to light (UV).

The complete test has a duration of 2,300 hours and simulates a year of use in the open field at 200kly, the typical exposure of African or Australian deserts. Once completed, the sample being analyzed is again mechanically analyzed to determine breaking load and degree of elongation once it has "aged".

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